Watch Faces for Wear OS

Watch Faces for Wear OS

I made some pretty watch faces for Wear OS... you can buy them!


Minimal Nixie Watch Face

Nixie: Minimal Watch FaceNixie: Minimal Watch Face

Grab it on Google Play


I'm absolutely in love with the vintage Nixie tube display technology, but to my disappointment, most if not all Nixie watch faces are super cluttered and distract from the main attraction: the Nixie tubes!

I decided to build my own watch face... After a lot of annoying hassling with Google Play Console, it's finally available 😊

Cursed Reverse Watch Face

Cursed: Reverse Watch FaceCursed: Reverse Watch Face

Get it on Google Play


A dear friend of mine has a wall clock hanging at home that runs backwards. It's a fun conversation starter and I thought it would be cool to have a watch face that does the same. So I built it!

If you're confused as to which direction clockwise is (much like my friend), this will make it much worse 🥳