GPU Particles for Unity

Millions of particles

Particles are visual effects. They should not consume your CPU resources. Unity's built-in particle system runs on the CPU and is therefore very limited in terms of particle count. GPUs, on the other hand, are designed for parallelization and can compute and visualize extremely large amounts of data. That's why I programmed a GPU particle system for Unity that is capable of processing millions of particles per system and providing amazing visual effects. It also comes with a fancy custom editor to quickly change its many parameters.

It's free on GitHub!

Cassie: A custom POS System

A POS (Point Of Sale) system is a computer system that is used to sell products or services in a store. One day I decided to build one myself:

Cassie Hydration Systems©℗®™ is a fancy unneccessarily over-engineered soft- & hardware replacement for a paper based split bill. It runs on an old POSBANK Imprex D5 and has been in daily use in my dorm since 2019.

Users have a balance and can purchase items by selecting them on screen or scanning them. The system features a touch interface, liquid crystal customer display & usb barcode scanner. It stores all past transactions, allows for reimbusements, can handle variying users & items and works 100% offline.

It uses VueSocketIOFlask and stores data as JSON files.