The Deep Rock Galactic modding scene is pretty crazy. If you come up with some wild idea for a mod, chances are it has already been built. There was only one significant element missing: Custom voicelines! Sure, you could replace the game’s voicelines with GLaDOS for example, but what if you wanted the Dwarves or Mission Control to say something you made up?

Introducing: xVATrainer & xVASynth!

I spent over 200 hours training neural networks to imitate the characters from Deep Rock Galactic, all voiced by the magnificent Robert Friis ❤ The trained models are freely available at your disposal! Keep reading or watch the tutorial to find out how ⛏

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Download the voice models

1. Download .zip with voice models

2. Install xVASynth

3. Go to xVASynth folder

4. Copy the resources folder from the .zip into the xVASynth folder

5. Launch xVASynth

6. Click ‘ae’ and enable all words from CMUDict

7. Dip your balls in liquid morkite 👍


We've been working on a full VR mod for Deep Rock Galactic, it's in open beta now!

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