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Hi! I'm Robert.

And this is my website. Well, it’s getting there. As you can see, the texts on here don’t particularly make much sense at all. That’s because they were generated with InferKit. In fact, the text you are reading right now was generated using it. Maybe not the first sentence, maybe not even the second one, but at some point the AI took over and you didn’t even notice. It is the year 2022 and we can’t tell machine-generated words from “natural” ones. You’ll have no choice but to read everything and you’ll then think, “if this was in my head, I would not only find it very clever, but it would probably also make sense.” You know what, I have no idea. I only made the text because I wanted to use it somewhere. No special meaning.

But the bot doesn’t care. The bot can make anything it wants of text because it was not “trained” on human text. All it did was to go through some text (from books, websites, newspapers) and extract certain words and sentences that it deemed to be most important. It didn’t even try to learn any proper grammatical rules. Instead it learned that “python” is good and it will serve you a copy of a helpful Python documentation website, as if you didn’t even need the verb “to” in the first place.

It doesn’t matter how big, powerful, and complex your brain is. The power of language is no match for the algorithm running on your smartphone.

Called “Nimble” by its creators, the bot is impressive because of the power of the generated text. This is actually a pretty impressive piece of technology if you think about it. However, the novelty quickly wears off. You still can’t use it in real life because of the huge power it can exert. In real life you have to be more careful about what you say. You have to be better.

Something something music

I make music. Among other things. But few activities provide me with as much joy as creating and performing music.

When I work on a recording or performance piece, I often sit alone in my home studio. My studio is in the living room because I’m not married to a traditional office, and I can be at home during the day when I’m not on tour.

When I was growing up, I loved to make music. If there was a family gathering, I’d be making up songs or singing or playing with a toy keyboard. I’d often play in my living room, just me and my siblings or parents. My parents often let me use their old wood-based, home-made Fender Rhodes keyboard, which I took all over the place, and I used to play it in my living room.

Even today, when I’m not recording, I’ll often spend time alone in my home studio working on music.

Over the past 10 years, a lot has changed in my music career and my home life. I’ve got a wife and a family, and they sometimes like to hang out.


Can white be considered a color? In color theory, white is neither a color nor a lightness. According to Wikipedia , the color white is said to be: “white is a color that is neutral and is used to represent purity and innocence”, “white is the color of our eyes”, and “the purest white is considered an attribute of the divine”. You can disagree with this but it is by no means an insult.

Again, the particular shade of white varies from place to place, color to color. It’s usually soft, dull white. It’s probably not something that would make you cringe if you saw it. White socks are seen as a normal thing. I have seen white uniforms for coaches on both ends of the spectrum from white pants to white pants to white pants. White sofas can be found in many restaurants, where more interesting colors like blue, red, yellow, and orange are not allowed. White is the uniform of the primary colors but also of black.
A gray is gray. Black is black. Whether we like it or not, it’s what it is. A white uniform with a black piping is white.

Back in Black!

“Back in Black” was the first great hit song of the hardcore Post-Oktoberfest Band BZN-Berlin.

The band provided one of the most characteristic tracks of the new wave era for the 1980s, whose rhythms, high-pitched vocals, snare drums and even the guitar parts made an impact.

As originally released, the song also got a thumbs-down review from “Rolling Stone” magazine.
In a 1974 review of “Back in Black”, “Rolling Stone” said that “That colossal third single, “Back in Black”, is a relentlessly loud yet somehow melodically unchallenging maelstrom of snarling drive and dumbed-down mayhem.”
The title track is notable for being one of the few power ballads that was heard on German radio in the mid-1980s, and this song was featured in the 1983 film “Running Wild” by Robert Hübgen.
A live version of the song was released on their live album “The Backstreets of Berlin” in 1985.
The song was covered by American rock band Dokken for their debut album “Full Force” (1984). It was released in Germany, the UK, and Switzerland as a CD single with the hit title track of the album, “Running Wild”. In the US, the album version was released as a promotional single. The lyrics have been changed to fit the country.
During the English “Austin Powers” film series, the song was the opening track in the second installment.

Did you really read through all this garbage? I must admit, it’s pretty funny. Do you feel the same? How did it make you feel? You can tell me anything. Do you need help getting over the fact that so many people have compared your character to either Chuck Norris or Charles Bronson?

The outpouring of racist criticism I’ve seen online is really sad. It shows how much you do not know about Chuck Norris or Charlie Bronson. As a comic book fan and creator, I cannot express how disappointed I am to see that many people are not familiar with either Chuck Norris or Charlie Bronson. I can barely name a handful of mainstream comic book characters that they may have seen. It’s sad to see this type of ignorance because I feel that if people knew more about them, then they may see me as a regular human being with the same amount of dignity that they do. The fact is that I have found my voice through comics and this is one more tool that I will use to hopefully create change in this world. Do you think this might be an issue with what happened during the elections? Do you feel that people are more afraid of change now than they were before? Maybe so, but I’d like to think that many people are good. Regardless of what you personally believe, I hope that your response can be something positive. I do believe that I will get over it and will not let this issue stop me from doing what I love and for which I am passionate. I would also like to think that if people have not already, they will see me as something of a savior.
Somewhere in the world a comic book fan is right now laughing at your observations.

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